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Compatible with all the Challenger, Meteor, Advance and Commander ECUs. Multiplexed connection (by CAN-Bus or RS-232). With easy data recording.

We have been selecting this dashboard following the same criteria as for our engine management ECUs, in order to offer our customers as many functions as possible for an attractive price and with a maximum ease of use.

It is made up of a 5″ back-lighted colour screen
External dimensions 160mm x 92mm x 19mm

It is extremely easy to configure directly (without external software). Several pages are configurable to view the information that interests you (in rallying for example, you can have a specific screen for the links, another for the special stages and one for diagnostics).
Colored alert thresholds are configurable.

Changing pages is done by pressing the “change page” button.

see Mod7Racing website.

• Recovery of information from the engine management ECU via the CanH/CanL lines
• Integrated Sybèle CAN protocols
• 1 digital input (Speed) and 3 programmable analog inputs available
• Display of functions on 1 to 6 fully customizable screen pages
• 2 ‘Diag’ pages which bring together 9 functions at once ‘Over-window’ to display the maximum values ​​when the engine is stopped
• 3 alert LEDs and 5 LEDs for the fully configurable Shift light
• A home screen with ‘MOD7 Racing’ welcome image or customizable message
• Screen brightness adjustable to 3 levels

If you are opting for CAN-BUS or RS232 connection with the ECU, you can collect the following data without additional sensors : RPM, air and water temperatures, throttle position, intake pressure, richness, battery tension, current gear position, injection, advance, motorized throttle position, turbo solenoid valve position, etc.

If the ECU does not transmit this data via the CAN-Bus, you can add 4 sensors via wired connection
• Engine oil temperature: Reading from a VDO 150°C sensor (not supplied)
• Engine oil pressure: Reading from a 10 bar VDO sensor (not supplied)
• Vehicle speed: Information from the ‘ils’ sensor triggered by a magnet (supplied as an option). Programmable wheel circumference from 140cm to 230cm
• Fuel gauge up to 60 liters: Reading the original tank gauge and programming in 10 liter increments

• 1 Dashboard MOD7 EvoXC2021 equipped with 4 anti-vibration mounting pads
• 2 harnesses with 4 and 6 wires of 50cm length with locking connector
• 1 Instructions for use


Mod7racing website

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