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Challenger6 ECU is able to fill by its own its injection time map, greatly facilitating the engine tuning. This feature is an option that is to be purchased separately from the ECU.

A self-learning function allows the Challenger6 ECU to tune by its own its injection time map.

Skynam provides this feature because the injection time mapping is the more difficult and more long part of an engine tuning, and the new ECUs have the needed calculation power to make it very fast and with a great precision.

The injection time self-learning needs the engine to be equipped with a Lambda sensor.

This Lambda sensor must be preferably a wide band Lambda sensor with its module, like the LSU49-5V one provided by Skynam.

This self learning is not a simple correction of the injection times with the Lambda sensor, but a real injection time mapping. You will find a full explanation of how the ECU operates in the specific documentation provided with the installation of the Challenger8 software pack that you can download from this web site.

It is a simple matter to launch the self-learning (following the simple instructions of the documentation), and run the engine to make the ECU learn: a self-learning-quality map shows in real-time the quality of each point of the injection time map, and you just have to run the engine in the areas where the quality is not good enough.



• When you purchase the self-learning option at the same time as your ECU, our technical service will send you an email with your self-learning option file attached as well as the necessary instructions to install it.

• If you purchase this option separately, our technical support will contact you immediately by email to ask you for the serial number of your ECU, this number can be found on the label on the back of the ECU. This number can also be found by connecting to the ECU with Winjall.
You will then receive an email with your self-learning option file attached and the necessary instructions to install it.

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