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Commander 6D complete kit for common rail piezo diesel engines: ECU, injectors driver, harness, accessories and tuning connection.

Commander6D is the must tool for the diesel racing management engines equipped with the inductive pump injectors technology.
This racing management is incommensurate with tinkering settings on the chip of a series ECU primarily made for emission control.

Thanks to its high performance microprocessor and its multiple possibilities, Commander6D will allow the engine to get the torque and the power which it claims, with furious accelerations provided by an astonishing speed and power of calculation, in the safety.

Several tunings can get along for the same engine, from the dragster (very high performance sprint running but very trying for the mechanics) until rally raid (performance in the mechanical safety with watched consumption), through circuit and road rally.
The desired tuning can be selected while running, by a rotator or a dashboard switch, allowing a super boost of the engine if necessary.

• The Commander6D ECU and the DPz06 driver are provided with accessories to install them on the engine.
• The CAN-BUS connection-to-PC kit is not included in the ECU kit. It is to be ordered in option or to be purchased separately. It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the Commander ECUs and tune the engine.

Documentation download

• Commander6D calculator
• DPz06 piezo injector driver
• Semi-finished engine harness
• Air temperature sensor
• Water temperature probe
• Connector kit

It is a pre-wired harness on the ECU and driver side connectors, with the sensor and actuator connectors not mounted.
Its length must be adapted during installation on the vehicle, after which the sensor and actuator connectors will be mounted.
• The connectors for the standard* sensors and standard* actuators supplied with the kit are provided.
• The various branches of the loom are listed (grounds, power supplies, measurements, auxiliary commands, injectors, etc.) but not sheathed. Rolls of high quality tape rolls are provided to finish the sheathing during installation.

*Standard sensors:
These are the sensors part of the engine accessories list.
• water-air temperature probes,
• intake and atmospheric pressure sensors,
• fuel-oil temperature and pressure sensors

*Standard actuators:
These are the actuators included in the engine accessories list.
• gasoline injectors,
• ignition coils

The CAN-BUS connection kit must be ordered as an option or purchased separately.
It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the ECUs and make engine tunings.
The CAN-USB interface is the same for all Advance and Commander ECU types (gasoline and diesel).
Skynam uses a Lawicel interface specific to its needs. CAN-USB interfaces found elsewhere (even other Lawicels) on the market cannot work with Winjall. In addition, this special interface is equipped with reinforced protection against electromagnetic interference from the engine.



For a correct operation, the diesel common rail technology imposes that the ECUs have a characterization map of injectors perfectly suited to the injectors installed on the engine.
The specific map of your diesel injectors must be purchased separately from the Diesel Kit.

Contact our technical support by giving them the brand and reference of your injectors, for example BOSCH 0 445 118 003


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