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Challenger5 complete kit for gasoline injection engines: ECU, harness, accessories and tuning connection.

The Challenger5 has been designed for those who want to conquer thanks to an ultra modern ECU. It allows managing 1, 2 or 4-cylinder aspirated or turbocharged engines in semi-sequential injection and lost sparks ignition.

Thanks to its high performance microprocessor (calculates in 32 bits while many other brands calculate in 8 or 16 bits) the Challenger5 allows to get astonishing accelerations.

Two tunings can get along for the same engine (multimapping). The desired tuning can be selected while running, by a dashboard switch, allowing the adaptation to the driving conditions, a super boost of the engine if necessary.

Selection of hard cut or soft cut RPM limiter. The hard cut limiter allows a modification of ignition advance and injection time for a machine gun limiter with burst of flames.

 An exhaust bang is done at the end of sequential gear shifting because the normal ignition advance is recovered with a slope allowing to avoid jolts in the transmissions.

A full self-learning function allows the ECU to auto tune its injection time map when equipped with a Lambda sensor (needs a professionnal license, or on option with standard license).


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• The kit consists of the Challenger5 ECU accompanied by mounting accessories on the engine. The kit we offer is specifically dedicated to 6-cylinder engines with fully monostatic ignition and sequential injection.

If you need to equip an engine with a larger number of cylinders, you may need to order additional accessories.
In all cases, refer to the kit complements below to check your needs

• The PC connection kit via USB-FTDI is not included in the computer kit. It must be ordered as an option or separately. It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the Advance and Commander computers and make engine adjustments.

• Challenger5 ECU
• Semi-finished engine loom
• Air temperature sensor
• Water temperature probe
• 1 dual ignition modules (8-cylinder monostatic)
• Connector kit

This loom is pre-wired on the ECU and driver side connectors, with sensors and actuators connectors not installed.
Its length is to be adapted when intalling on the vehicle, then the sensors and actuators connectors will be wired.
• The connectors of the standard sensors* and standard actuators* that are delivered with the kit are provided.
• The various branches of the loom are labeled (grounds, power supplies, measurements, auxiliary commands, injectors, …) but not sheathed. High quality canvas adhesive tapes are provided to finish the sheathing when installing.

*Standard sensors:
These are the sensors that belong to the engine accessories list.
• water and air temperature sensors,
• atmospheric and intake pressure sensors,
• temperature and pressure sensors of oil and fuel

*Standard actuators:
These are the actuators that belong to the engine accessories list.
• gazoline injectors,
• ignitions coils


The USB-FTDI connection kit must be ordered as an option or purchased separately.
It is essential to be able to connect your PC to the Meteor86 ECU and make engine adjustments. The USB-FTDI interface is the same as for Challenger6, Challenger7, and Challenger8 ECUs.


The kits we propose are specific to 4-cylinder engines with lost spark ignition ans semi-sequential injection. To use them with a higher number of cylinders or different types of ignition, you will need some complementary accessories.

Here are the main types of ignition you can manage:

Distributed ignition (1 or 2 coils with distributor) :
Uses 1 single ignition module or 1 dual igition module (included in the kit).

4-cylinder engine lost spark ignition (2 dual coils) :
Uses 1 dual ignition module (included in the kit).

4-cylinder engine monostatic ignition (4 single coils) :
Uses 2 dual ignition modules (from which 1 included in the kit).

For complementary details, report to the installation notice included in the software Pack that you can download from our site.



Some ECU functions are optional. You will find them here, alone or accompanied by accessories.

Injection self learning function
Challenger5 ECU is able to fill by its own its injection time map, grealy facilitating the engine tuning. This feature is an option that is to be purchased separately from the ECU.

Injection self learning kit and LSU49-5
Challenger5 ECU is able to fill by its own its injection time map. This feature is an option that is to be purchased separately from the ECU. This kit adds a LSU49-5 controller and its wide band Lambda sensor to the self-learning option.



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