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This display DC4D52 can be added to the DigiLSU and LSU49-5 controllers to get a direct display of the richness measurement. It can also display other measurements received by CAN-Bus. It owns a LED bargraph and a digital display to visualize the engine richness or the other received values. The LEDs contrast is tuneable.

This display owns a bargraph of 16 LEDs and a display with 4 digits and decimal point to visualize the engine richness.
The LEDs contrast is tuneable.

Displays tunings and pages change are made by two capacitive zone touchscreen.

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It owns a CAN-bus connection to receive complementary data that it can also display. It is easily parametrable to select the data to display, for example received from the Sybele ECUs:
• gearbox position
• engine speed
• throttle position
• intake pressure (turbo)
• temperatures
• …

The measurement to display is selected by the means of the buttons on the front face.

It can be directly added to the DigiLSU and LSU49-5 controllers to get a direct display of the richness measurement (richness, Lambda, O2 or A/F selectable by a button on the display).
As it is a remote device, it can be placed on the vehicle or test bench dashboard while the controller is near the Lambda sensor.

• Supply tension : from 7 to 16V
• Consumption : 250mA maxi
• Temperature of use : -20ºC to 60ºC
• Analog input : 0 to 5V
• 5V Output : +/-5% max current 50mA
• CAN output resistance : 2kOhm
• CAN protocol : 2.0A et 2.0B

• Front face :Smoked 4mm thickness Plexiglas.
• Housing : molded black ABS.
• Dimensions: Diameter 60mm; thickness 29mm (include screws).
• Weight : 50 g
• Diameter panel hole for mounting : 52mm minimum.
• Fixing : Rear bracket with two M4 plastic nuts.

Côté afficheur DC4D52Dos afficheur DC4D52

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