New software version of the COMMANDER660 ECU




Hard cut limiter:
• Machine gun Hard cut RPM limiter with burst of flames.

Intake pressure filtering adjustment:
• This filtering removes pressure instabilities in the intake manifold.
• The intake pressure filtering adjustment is accessible even without a professional license.
Very important: See the document ‘Pressure/rpm Atmo Turbo and bang-bang’ which gives a very detailed explanation of how to filter (averaging) the intake pressure to avoid instabilities and what the problems are if this is not done correctly.

Boost by gear:
• Correction of turbo pressure and turbo speed by the gear ratio engaged, allowing the turbo pressure to be reduced on short gear ratios.
• And also correction of the turbo pressure and the turbo speed by the atmospheric pressure, making it possible to secure the turbo at altitude.

Injection and ignition correction by exhaust temperature

Dynamic idle advance: Memorization of dynamic advance limits.

Improved engine start:
• Addition of engine start and temperature corrections for the motorized throttle position.
• Addition of starting and engine temperature corrections for the intake air solenoid valve position.

Improved coil loading time:
• Coil charging times accept up to 15000 µs and no longer vary when returning to their calibration.

Improved injection and ignition display:
• Real-time display of corrections made to injection advance and time by engine temperature, intake temperature, exhaust temperature, atmospheric pressure, rev limiter.


Commander660 Tunewares:
• System V130
• Throttle/RPM: V140 (new – 28th 07/2022)
• Pressure/RPM and turbo: V140 (new – 28th 07/2022)

Documentations in English:
• Commander660 tuning software pack: 37 separate documents, each for one specific fonction of the ECU, with many didactic examples (new – 28th 07/2022)
• Commander660 installation: V1.00 – with commands of ignition modules (27th 11/2016)
• Commander660 options installation: V1.10 – sequential gearboxes, fly by wire, air electrovalves, bang-bang, … (new – 28th 07/2022)

• Does not contain Winjall software. Winjall must first be downloaded and installed apart.
• Does not contain the sensors convertion maps nor the actuators command maps. These maps have to be downloaded and installed apart with the pack SensAct.


Not needed.

NEEDING Winjall V9.9.0.0 (see specific downloading)

V9.9.0.0 or later version of Winjall software must mandatory have been installed first.


• Download new .zip Commander660 software pack file and save it in a directory on your hard disk.
• If you have already install a former version of this pack, you have to usinstall it before installing this new one:
In Windows XP, execute ‘Start/Parameters/Configuration/Add-Remove programs’.
In Windows 7 and latter versions, execute ‘Start/Parameters/Configuration/Programs and features’.
In the software list, select Commander660 then ‘Uninstall’. Follow uninstall instructions.
• With the files explorer, double click on the downloaded software pack .zip file, then double click on Setup. At the question on files extraction, answer ‘Extract All’.
• If the installation does not automatically start: in the new directory created by the extraction, double click on Setup (application).

(Improvements are added from a version to the next one)

Throttle/RPM : V130 (System V120)
Pressure/RPM : V130 (System V120)

1) Optimization of the gear upshift time (faster upshifting).
2) Ignition cutoff at gear downshift (faster downshifting on strong brakings of the vehicle).
3) Possibility to select the old way of shifting on slower or less precise gearboxes.
4) The ECU agrees to intervene on the engine even if the gear position measurement is in error.
Read carefully new documentation for sequential gearboxes
5) Improvement of the motorized throttles security: Stop of the fly by wire electric motor (the throttle closes) when the position measurement potentiometer is in error.

Throttle/RPM : V120 (System V110)
Pressure/RPM : V120 (System V110)

1) Improvement of sequential gearbox management:
– A programmable ignition cutoff was already allowed on gear upshift.
– A programmable ignition cutoff has been added on gear downshift, facilitating the gears shifting during difficult conditions.
2) Auxiliary CAN-Bus management:
– Addition of two functions of simplified frames transmission toward the Sybele compatible dashboards.
  These functions allow a better confidenciality of the ECU tuning.

Throttle/RPM : V110 (System V110)
Pressure/RPM : V110 (System V110)

1) Securization of the wheels speed measurement:
– In the previous versions, when the wheels speeds were slow, a speed measurement error could happen which was causing a brief dysfunction of the anti skating.
– This version prevents from the speed measurement error.
2) Securization of the engine synchronization with a camshaft target with one supplementary tooth:
– In the previous versions, When the phase sensor was reading a camshaft target with one supplementary tooth, the engine synchronization could fail with an engine start not done.
  A second try of engine start was then necessary.
– This version ensures a perfect synchronization of the engine even in these conditions.
3)Improvement of the fuel high pressure control on direct injection engines
The new possibilities of tuning of the high pressure fuel pump in direct injection allow a very improved control of the fuel pressure.
4) Adding of a variable displaying the status of the engine synchronization
This variable gives in real time the engine synchronization and can be recorded with the Winjal scopes to visualize possible problems of synchronization lost causing engine misfires.

Throttle/RPM : V100 (System V100)
Pressure/RPM : V100 (System V100)

Version 100 is the base version of the new Commander660, Skynam high end ECUs.

This first version of the Commander440 software is based on the version of the Commander44 to which have been added some functions:
1) Test function of the injection and ignition commands without running the engine:
This allows to easily test the installation or the operation of the system.
2) Flywheel with several singularities:
This allows to easily install the ECU on many new engines without mechanical modification needs.
3) Measurement of the exhaust temperature:
• This allows to visualize and memorize the engine tuning quality and security.
• For turbocharged engines, the bang-bang can be cutoff in case of exceeding the critical temperature generating damages to the engine and/or the turbomachine.